You can’t hinder the Evolution

Evolution, the premier live casino provider, keeps on delivering, dropping the mike moments that create a massive buzz in the industry. After all, it was not long ago when Evolution decided to expand on its casino vertical. And quality by acquiring NetEnt, including other brands like Red Tiger gaming. And, now we learn that the industry veteran is likely to add another well-known brand. With even more known mechanics, megaways. Yes, we are, of course, talking about the Australian super hit producer, Big Time Gaming. Or more commonly known as BTG. The question is, what’s the cost of said deal?Evelution Gaming

Hundreds of million £ in new hands

According to information available, Evolution is ready to fork out around £392 million (€450 M) in a cash-favored deal. In fact, the offering states that Evolution offers to acquire the entire capital of BTG. 70% will be in cash. At the same time, the remaining 30% distributes in the form of newly issued Evolution shares. Worth pointing out, the 30% share stakes going get a value based on the actual trade data of the time of issue and handover. And it has to get said, with BTG trading owner, the licensed mechanic’s race just got a whole lot more interesting, and to be honest, we can’t wait to see what the number one live casino operator is going to do with its new extension.

What will it mean going forward

Indeed, BTG has already incorporated and lent its incredible popular mechanics, megaways on NetEnt, and Red Tiger classics. Yet, including the mechanics in its own line-up really put things in perspective. And it instantly leads to the question. What did Evolution have in its road map, urging them to acquire such a massive name like BTG? What we do know for a fact is what the statements say. “With the addition of Big Time Gaming to our portfolio of slot brands, we strengthen our strategic position as the leading provider of digital casino games in the world”. To sum up, a mega-deal that will leave a permanent mark on the industry.