Yggdrasil Migrates to Google Cloud

The game developer, Yggdrasil, has just completed its migration to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means that all of its development, staging and production will move over to the GCP. As such, it will improve scalability and efficiency. It will also improve the flexibility of the company and its partners. Now, Yggdrasil will be the first developer to transfer to GCP using technology that the Gibraltar Regulatory body approves of. The result of this move is very significant. It means that they can increase their scalability as well as the efficiency of their game and software development. Also, it includes new additions such as GATI (Game Adoption Tools and Interface) as well as YG Franchise. Also, the amount of time it takes to create a new production environment will be just hours rather than weeks.Yggdrasil Migrates to Google Cloud

Increased Control

All and all, finalizing this means Yggdrasil will have more ability to control costs. And the best of all is that they can do this without investing any more money in new software. The new GATI solution has driven the success of the YG Masters Program. This means that both local and global studios, as well as game developer partners, can have instant access to their game engines. Also, they will be able to access game technology and get into new global markets even more quickly.

Better Games

Essentially, by using GATI, partners of Yggdrasil can create new games quickly. As well as this, they can adapt games that already exist. Also, they can create game servers whilst keeping the source code secure. Another benefit is that they can make the servers using any technology. Meanwhile, partners can integrate more than one game at a time. Yggdrasil is always improving GATI with better features, including analytics and RTP tests. The CTO of Yggdrasil said that he was “very proud” to have completed the migration. He also said that it would “future proof the business” in all the major areas. They will also be able to run the day to day business better than ever.