UK Medical journal calls gambling a predicament

Medical experts in the UK have attacked the betting industry again, calling it an “urgent, neglected, understudied and worsening public health predicament”. What’s more, Lancet Public Health Journal announced an upcoming “scientific inquiry”. However, even before it starts, they describe it not only as “not ordinary” but say it’s a “health-harming addictive behavior”. This implies that they have decided the outcome before it even begins. So, some say it’s hardly scientific.

Plus, Lancet claims that gambling poses a threat to “health and wellbeing”. Indeed, they think that up until now; research has been “sparse and weak”. They recently stated that the gambling industry takes advantage of this. Also, they claim that gambling is “strongly associated with co-morbid mental health issues”. However, they admit that it isn’t clear whether it causes mental health issues or is a result of these issues.

The way the brain works

All and all, according to earlier studies, there is evidence to suggest that problem gamblers have brains that work differently than responsible gamblers. What’s more, there is proof that close relatives of problem gamblers are 8x more likely to face a similar issue.

However, Lancet also believes that even the term “problem gambler” is a highly damaging stigma. Indeed, they say that the term causes “self-blame and deep shame”. As such, they even dismiss the term “Responsible Gambling” as it brands them “irresponsible”, which is also unhelpful.UK Medical journal calls gambling a predicament

How to say out of trouble?

Without a doubt, it seems that they believe that gamblers are the victims of an industry that is a “threat to society”. However, there are many people out there that enjoy gambling. They just use it to spend their time and money in a fun manner. So, what is the truth? It’s hard to say.

Nonetheless, when people play slot responsibly, most agree that it’s just another form of distraction. And remember, the best way to stay out of trouble is to enable your account’s responsible gambling limits. Alternatively, many sites such as LeoVegas have self-assessment tests too. And taking the test could identify potential risks so that you could avoid them.