The unlicensed gambling in the UK not too alarming

Every UK licenced online casino operator can agree that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is doing tremendous work to keep things fair. However, despite the UKGC’s devotion to regulate, some actors are still operating on the wrong side of the law. Yet, the chief executive of the commission, Neil McArthur says that the reports need to get handled with “proportion”.

And that the number as of now is “stable”. In fact, looking at the total case count of remote, unlicensed operators in the UK from 2019 to end 2020 it adds up to a meagre 133. Still, in a perfect world, that number should be zero. Although, the truth is what it is and the governing body can only work with what they got. But what does this mean for the end-user that partake in the so-called “black-market” activities?The unlicensed gambling in the UK not too alarming

They prey on the Weak

Sure, the unlicensed and black market actors take a big chunk of income destined for the tax coffin. Where reports outline that somewhere around 9-10% online searches come from casino or gamble related black market sites. Translating into roughly 200,000 individuals with a collective monetary value of £1.4 Billion.

But that’s not the primary concern. And it’s more directed to what the black-market operators don’t offer its customer. In essence, for them, it’s all about making money, offering slim to none support in relations to gambling harm. But also that any personal data is handled with blunt instruments and not securely stored. In the end, no matter the reports and facts on the table. There will always be some operations finding all types of loopholes and ways to reach out to players.

The UKGC not to blame

Yes, it has been turbulent times for many operators that like to conduct legal and licenced business in the UK. Where we have seen countless implementations and updated regulations. Resulting in some of the “smaller” operators pulling their presence from the UK market.

Still, we have to remember, even if the UKGC regularly gets met with objections and sometimes loud protests. They are protecting the business and industry as a whole. But, perhaps it’s time for another sit-down with the public and operators to have an input meeting. Basically, what way is the right way forward to limit or completely stop all the illegal activities?