The UK Gambling Commission looks to the public

It, not the first time the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is extending its questions surrounding self gambling harm to the end-user themselves. And this time it’s all about the core structure and design of online video slots. In the end, if you try to limit, redesign, or form a new standard, the best source of information is after all the intended audience. Where the balance of restriction versus the user experience can be hard to maintain. As such, by speaking to the public will most certainly shed light on assumed facts. But also contrast to what actually is the underlying problem. However, the public forum will end on September 3rd. And will most likely remove some of the frictions caused by the ever-changing rules and regulations.The UK Gambling Commission looks to the public

More specifics in place

It might come as a surprise, but as of now, there is no specific license that structures remote video slots as it all falls in as a “casino product.” Meaning, that it all crudely sums up under the 2005 Gambling Act. Yet, it’s proposed that this will change and add to the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS). As of now, the subject changes on the agenda is customer withdrawal requests. But also to introduce a minimum session time cycle by removing such things as turbo spin and auto-spin. Plus, the suggestion also includes the removal of split-screen play. Where some studies show a direct link to potential risk and the ability to play on multiple video slots at once.

Sound of silence

Indeed, it could come to effect to remove some sound effects but also visual graphics if seen fit and agreed upon. More precisely, to eliminate sound and visual stimulants triggered by a “low or small” win. Where such features need to get categorized and only triggered by certain thresholds, the outlines are not yet fully disclosed but hinted on that it would be in relation to the stake and win return. All in all, the approach to probe the audience of current rules is essential. And should be a natural way going forward. Still, if the feedback takes into consideration when re-framing the regulations remain in limbo. One thing we can be sure of is that; changes are coming to the UK online casino environment, and soon.