The Bonus Buy Feature could be a thing of the past

The popular slot mechanic allowing players to jump right at the heart of a bonus feature is vanishing. Indeed, the bonus buy (feature drop or feature pass, the name changes by provider) will soon be a thing of the past. At least for the UK market, if we believe the rumours, that is.

In essence, the bonus buy functionality first saw the day in 2017. Since then it only increased in popularity with game developers and players alike. In fact, since Big Time Gaming (BTG) pioneered the mechanic, many other game providers such as Scientific Games, Blueprint Gaming and Yggdrasil have added it to their releases. And this will cause them problems it seems.Big Time Gaming, The Bonus Buy Feature could be a thing of the past

Waving the finger at game developers

The rumours of the buy feature ban surfaced early October. And it created a storm across the online gambling community. Apparently, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) told game suppliers to stop distributing slots with such feature in a “reasonable time”.

Now, this is quite out of character for the regulator to not give a strict deadline. After all, the UKGC is not known for its flexibility nowadays. But maybe the UKGC opted for a flexible approach because the games in jeopardy once received their green light.

And naturally the UKGC’s change of position, perhaps to implement more responsible gambling measures, comes with challenges for the game distributors.

The different approach to overcome the hurdles

As far as we know, it could be hard for some studios to switch off the feature. And so, it’s probable that some casino operators will remove the affected games from their lobby.

But in some cases, and of course, this depends on how the game was coded. Suppressing the feature for a specific market could be easier. And may not even require additional testing-time and new auditing too.

So, all that to say, if you’re in the UK and can’t find your favourite game with a bonus-buy feature. The standard game without the buy pass feature may return at some point… And the casino you play on may be able to give you additional information about it.