The big heist on Stakelogic

Just 48 hours after the Stakelogic release, Bandits Thunder Link, the max bet multiplier dropped. And not just once, where in fact, it happened two times within the stated time period. But what’s more, the two wins came from two completely different online casino operators. Yet, they do have one thing in common, the chosen free spins game they won on. As for the UK player base that might have missed this March 25th release. It’s worth explaining that Bandits Thunder Link includes 3 different bonus games, by which all are free spins. Though, they all have unique features and a number of won spins. Where the classic risk versus reward tactics comes into play. Although, they all do have the same 50,000x your bet as a max win attached to them.The big heist on Stakelogic

The three features

Before we reveal the winning feature, let’s check them all out. Starting with wild wild wins. A 12 free spin game where all wins doubles. Plus, if the game grid covers with wilds, you get 5+ free spins. Next is the wild bonanza, which also is a 12 free spins game. But this version includes sticky wilds that could grant multipliers if stuck on the same reel. Moreover, 5+ free spins add with the same mention trigger. The final feature is the immensely popular re-spin free spins feature. To explain, the thunder link free spins game is the type that resets to the original 3 spins whenever a symbol lands. And also, all symbols that lands include a multiplier that adds up in the end to your winnings.

The winning feature

Drum roll, please, and the winning feature, by a mile, is thunder link, naturally. And to be honest, the thunder link re-spin free spins are the best and most entertaining feature in the selection. Still, this is our thoughts, and you might completely disagree with our statement. The fact remains, you can choose any of the bonus games as the 50,000x max win includes all of them. Just keep in mind, the volatility sets too high on this video slot. Anyhow, the record set by 2 individual players brought one win of £85,435. At the same time, the other one was equally impressive and landed on £72,478.