Talks on its way on reward system

Lately, numerous organizations and operators have lifted up the somewhat infected subject, high-value customers (HVC). Where we have seen involvement from parties like the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), and of course, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This amongst prominent top tier online casino operators in the UK. And finally, things are on their way in a UKGC initiative that involves public consultation sessions. That will start with two hot topics. The HVC’s engagement, including spending and overall time spent on gambling products. But also the unbalanced value of HVC’s, in proportion to the operator’s entire database. As of now, the discussions are in full swing and expect to reach its end in mid-August 2020.Talks on its way on reward system

VIP’s or HVC’s the same

Whatever terminology an operator uses, the end result of the panels finding and agreement will be the same. Still, the most important part would be that the outcome will have got influenced by the industry as a whole. Meaning, there are not one organization’s suggestions that will rule and change the online casino landscape in the UK. Where, for instance, the operators have a unique insight to bring to the table. But, basically, after the findings are in and a decision made. There will be a new code of conduct imposed on operators that like to continue their HVC or VIP programs. In the end, they all work for the same goal, an industry that can support itself in a sustainable way. But more importantly, a responsible and less self-harm platform for the end-user.

Things included without a doubt

Indeed, we know so far that the new rules of engagement will include extensive customer assessments. That’s traceable back in time and continuously during the customer’s complete life cycle on the operators. Also, it will not include customers of the age 24 and under. However, how many more must-have checks that the operator’s standard due diligence already contains, remains and linger. What we do know is that it will change the industry in the UK forever. Yet, it can also be an excellent tool for the operators to use. Are there business models and organizations strong enough to support a program that caters to a segment of HVC’s? Find out more on the subject as it unfolds, simply by following the news here on the site. As this topic is far from over, we are looking forward to seeing what the conclusion will bring.