Spearhead in Playtech agreement

In reality, Playtech is in no need of further presentation. Especially with close to 22-years of offering premium services. Where the online gambling software supplier has become a staple name. Not only for the industry as a whole. But also for the general casino player. Which has given us big titles and a keen eye for “best-of-breed gaming products and content”. As such, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind of the quality. But also the benefits a producer brings to the table when part of the Playtech platform. And the latest trusted games studio to bolster the marketplace is the praised, Spearhead. So, let’s gather all the known facts and see what the new partners had to say.Spearhead in Playtech agreement

The expansion is notable

As part of the collaboration, Spearhead will add its complete games portfolio. And this to the well-established Playtech games marketplace. This means that the already broad Playtech customer base will get an extra 35+ titles to test out. Including top spin titles Book of the Princess. But also Book of Spies. And other Spearhead games like Wilds of Wall Street 2 and, of course, Lara Jones, to mention some of them. And, by getting in the same boat as Playtech, Spearhead expands its reach and visibility. As such are now included in well over 100+ operations, with most of the tier-1 casinos in the UK added.

When hard work pays off

Commenting on the news is Spearhead Studios, Managing Director Mathias Larsson. “Making our content available on Playtech games marketplace is a statement of our quality”. Also, Mr. Larson said that. He was looking forward to starting offering the spearhead products on the platform. Additionally, James Frendo, Playtech’s Casino Director, added. “Integrating Spearhead content into our portfolio is another step in supporting our partners. What the director is pointing to is to deliver the best possible casino experience. So, it simply means access to a better and larger volume of quality content from a player perspective. And all via a straightforward integration process on the Playtech games marketplace.