SkyRocket Entertainment Joins Yggdrasil’s YG Masters Programme

The Top game provider, SkyRocket, has just joined Yggdrasil’s YG Masters Programme. So, this means they can now use Yggdrasil’s famous GATI technology to help them grow in new markets. Now, SkyRocket’s development and distribution arm, The Games Company, will join some of the best game developers and independent studios in the industry. They all come together in this program that lets partners design, develop, and then distribute their best games with Yggdrasil’s tech and global network.SkyRocket Entertainment Joins Yggdrasil’s YG Masters Programme

Blockbuster Games

SkyRocket first launched back in 2018. They made their debut at the Cannes Film Festival. The company takes some of Hollywood’s best feature films and transforms them into real money and social money games. In fact, just recently, they bought the rights to 75 blockbuster movies. These include the Expendables, Rambo 4, and The Fallen franchise. One year after it launched, it bought out The Games Company.

This helped it widen its reach and create and deliver unique new games. Now, because of this deal, SkyRocket can use GATI, which means it can make use of standardized technology to help it create and distribute games all over the globe. So, using this technology, it can find even more ways to grow revenues and build its name in global markets.

Mutual Benefits

GATI is a huge benefit for all of Yggdrasil’s partners. It means they can cross-sell their games to any of the Yggdrasil franchisees. The YG Masters Program has already been a huge success so it will really help SkyRocket to grow securely.

Meanwhile, SkyRocket will bring a great deal to the YG Masters Programme as it is a company that has already proved itself by delivering exciting and innovative games. It has already grown incredibly quickly and this will see it expand even more. Both stand to benefit a great deal and so will players as it means more games to play.