Scientific Games unleash the Raging Rhinos

The wait is now over, Scientific Games, but more importantly, Raging Rhinos fans. And this, as the long-anticipated Raging Rhino Ultra now is live and launched. In fact, the addition to the series came on November 17th. As such, you now have more similar themed video slots in the same line-up to choose from. However, Raging Rhino Ultra has something extra in store for the players that will most certainly lift this version above its predecessors. So, what exactly will bring all the rhinos to an ultra rage? But more importantly, what could you expect as a player? Let’s find out together, shall we?Scientific Games unleash the Raging Rhinos

The Mega Drop in the line of sight

We can not talk about Raging Rhino Ultra without mentioning the main attraction. Namely, that this version will include the Mega Drop jackpot system. And to be fair, these days you need to have some of your most popular titles connected to a jackpot network. Well, at least if you like to keep the same pace as your competition. Plus, as the new edition also has the classic scatter free spins reward, wilds, and added multiplier, the ultra version has plenty speaking in its favor. Now, with Mega Drop added to the series, you can so far play the raging rhinos as a megaway, local jackpot, classic video slot, and now with the included jackpot network. Meaning, there is a rhino title suited for most needs and preferences.

Is Scientific Games on the right path?

First off, Scientific Games never miss a beat when producing a new online slot. Sure, it might feel redundant to launch yet another game in the same theme and series. Although keep in mind, players do have different criteria they are looking for when picking a favorite video slot. As such, it simply makes sense to extend the series with more titles with additional features included. After all, Raging Rhinos is by far one of Scientific Games most successful series ever to hit the market for the online casino environment. The question is: what will the next subheader be on the upcoming title, course rest assured. There will most certainly be more in the series coming our way. But for now, let’s celebrate the latest title.