Scientific Games expand its fantasy sports selection

With many sports still on hold. Operators and developers keep on adding products to its line up to widen its reach. And the latest integration is Fantasy Sports Interactive (FSI). This to Scientific Games OpenMarket tool. By which is a highly dynamic distribution deal for Scientific Games partners across its markets. Which will allow the operating partners to include the whole FSI package or as a single offering? Essentially, it’s in the hands of the specific operator to assess it’s needs and implement accordingly. That includes products like daily fantasy sports (DFS) and no-budget fantasy sports to mention some of FSI’s products.Scientific Games expand its fantasy sports selection

A time of cross sell

Indeed, with the introduction of more innovation outlets on the market, due to current times. Many players will most definitely find a product they never knew existed. And in this case, it’s all about DFS. Basically, granting operators a never seen before opportunity. Meaning to push lower volume participation products to its customer. Yet, DFS does make a somewhat large segment of “sportsbook” players in the UK. But, the lack of actual sports events will certainly push the “real” sportsbook player to try out the DFS offering and its benefits. As such, expectations are that many more platform suppliers will add said product. But also dream up collaborations and partnerships the industry thought would happen years from now. And we all should look forward to what is to come.

Scientific Games on point

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Scientific Games road map and forward-thinking. All you need to do is read their mission statement. Telling us that they’re looking to empower their customers. But also to create the “world’s best gaming and lottery experiences.” Where currently expanding its DFS makes perfect sense to add to its operating partners. Yet, we do know that Scientific Games have no breaks on their success train. Leaving no too little time to stop at the DFS station, instead, keep the momentum going forward and form new deals and partnerships, all in the benefit for its end customer, you.