Scientific Games add a new partner

Scientific Games broadens its Open Arena platform. And this by adding a new communication partner. This via the 3rd party provider, Other Levels, and their real-time messaging system. Meaning, with the latest contribution. They became a more cohesive platform, offering such things as betting intelligence. All fed with data spreading across live and virtual. But also from eSports without the complicated integration process. And by adding the new partner, Other Levels the reach increased significantly.

But also improving the operational hours to 24/7. That ultimately leads to a much better user experience. In essence, with its global spread, communication with customers and operators got more simple. And this no matter the grouping or segment. But, let’s get the information straight from the involved partners.Scientific Games add a new partner

In for the win

After listening to Brendan O’Kane, founding member and CEO of Other Levels, and what he had to say, it’s quite clear. The new partner is over the moon to land such a prestige filled brand to cooperate with. Saying things like. “We are happy”. But also pointing to that all will benefit, by adding. That all, including themselves, the operators, and the platform will see increased engagement and retention. Although, maybe most importantly, an upswing in revenue.

Finishing off the statement with. “The impact of the combined solution for operators is game-changing”. Moreover, Mr. O’Kane means that this is the “next generation” of CRM based solutions. Big words, but then again, they got picked up by one of the largest contributors in the online gambling space.

More freedom for all

Indeed, Scientific Games agrees with the assessments. Plus, they also add that this will create more freedom for the operators to tailor-make information to reach the customer in a new way. But the best part is, this will get done without involving a large marketing team. In other words, it is taking customer engagement to, in his words “another level”. So, what will this mean for you as an end-user remains to get seen? Yet, what we know is that the industry veteran does nothing without carefully researching all avenues. In the end, it’s an improvement that has a positive spin for the user without interruption. So, let us all welcome the new partner to the widely used platform.