Regulations in the UK may see an overhaul

If you keep up with the industry news and regulations in the UK, you are most certainly familiar with the tedious and ongoing work The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) conducts. Where some of the implementations can feel very bureaucratic and stiff. Yet, the updates of the UK remote gambling license roots from a current or expected concern. Or to weed out the bad seed, casting a damp blanket on the industry as a whole. And the latest change, soon coming out from the UKGC is to combat the latter. Where we recently learned that the overseeing organization is going to offering a consultation service to operators offering its product in the UK. All in the benefit of a more guarded responsible gambling environment, to the players.Regulations in the UK may see an overhaul

The UKGC need praise

It always easy to see the UKGC as a stick in the spokes organization. Yet, their work needs to be celebrated and admired. In the end, UKGC is there to nurture a healthy, but still, a growing industry. Plus, with their presence, it offers an equal playing field with pre-set easy to follow guidelines for all operators that wish to conduct trade in the UK. And we say “easy” in the sense of, the UKGC doesn’t leave any room for misinterpretation. Sure it might be some of the hardest regulations in the business. But it also needs to get said; the UK market is one of the biggest and well-established across the globe. As such, it needs to be tight regulations to keep the market flourishing.

Good initiative from the UKGC

Indeed, the regulator, in this instance, is not telling the operator to change something without the proper tool to their disposal. Where the UKGC will establish a formula on how to interact, promote, and entice the top segment of online casino players, named VIPs or high-value customers in the industry. That, of course, will be a lengthy process. Plus, it will most definitely be some initial key cornerstones put in place first, from where the foundation gets built. Though, it’s all good news for the operators, where there will be a kind of absolute way forward. And should as such be applauded from the operator’s side. And if we know the UKGC right, there will be no if’s and but’s to the outcome after all research material is in. As of now, the UKGC is still hard at work stipulating the guidelines. More to follow as the story develops.