Push Gaming continues on Casino Heroes

Suppose the dynamic and work relationship executes flawlessly; the years of success just blow-by. As such, this is the case for the two collaborators, Push Gaming and the UK popular online casino brand, Casino Heroes. Where we recently learned that things are going so well that the two have agreed to extend the relationship further. That effectively means that not only will you, the player, get access to the Push Gaming produced games via the original deal provider, Casino Heroes. But also on the extended online casino service provided by the operator in the UK. So, does this deal change anything for the UK player pool? Only one quick way to find out, keep reading, and we will provide some deal facts. Plus, some of the game’s producers hit titles and upcoming video slots.

Push Gaming Casino Heroes

Push Gaming on Casino Heroes: Award-winning games to play

The news about Push Gaming and Casino Heroes couldn’t get delivered in any better way for the game’s producer. If we look in the 2021 rearview mirror, this has been a boom year for the premium quality casino games developer. For instance, this was the year when Push Gaming saw itself pick the honors in the relatively recent Casino Beats Game Developer Awards. Also, though not perhaps walking away with the main prize, they also got shortlisted for 4 other award ceremonies. What we try to say, Push Gaming is on a hot streak, and we sure hope it will continue as the year turn a page. Now, let’s disclose some of the provider’s best-performing titles.


Push Gaming Casino Heroes  – A hit with a sequel

When Push Gaming launched Jammin’ Jars in 2018, all players alike seemed instantly to gravitate towards the exciting title. As such, when the game’s developer announced a sequel in 2021, the expectation was high, to say the least. In fact, when we did our in-depth and closer review of the title, we used words like. “The original ultimately found its demographics straight out of the gate”. That we followed up with. “We think that Jammin’ Jars 2 will, without breaking a sweat, find its audience as well”. And now, with facts in hand, this is what the producer says about the title. “smash hit release” and “continuing to break company record”. So it’s safe to say that this release is the jam with reported figures at UK online casinos alone that breaches 150% in turnover. But, what more titles can you enjoy? First, let’s get some quick remarks from the collaborators.

We take great pride

Indeed, spokespeople from the two companies used words that included. “We take great pride in having created an environment where innovation and creativity fosters”. But also that. “This move is going to be a boost to the streamlined delivery of our content to its players”. So, all in all, happy smiles and good news all around as the successful and fruitful relationship set sails for future endeavours. Now, let’s, as promised, check out some other titles from the innovation game’s designer.

Push Gaming on Casino Heroes – A steady stream of quality

We are pretty confident in our statement that since the release of the Fat Cat video slot from Push Gaming in 2018, we have only seen great games and titles hit the UK market. And we are, of course, thinking of video slots like The Shadow Order and Razor Shark, to mention some of them. But, additionally, the creativeness and quality have also spilled over and remained in their latest titles. Which are Booty Bay, Mount Magmas, and the Fat Drac video slots. So now, all we have to do to enjoy the Push Gamings titles is hope that they stay true to the core values and commitments. “To working with top partners and producing highly entertaining and quality games”.

Push Gaming Casino Heroes