Pragmatic Play launch share function

As the casino community gets larger traction and enters into the widely accepted online entertainment realm. So do the innovative ideas to spread the message. Where the latest exciting implementation comes from the industry-leading Pragmatic Play. And this in the form of sharing your personal video slot highlights. Especially with equally minded individuals. Basically, it allows the end-user, with a click of a button to direct access to previous top payouts or the latest strings of wins. Yet, the question is, how popular will this feature get. But more importantly, what level of personal protection will you as a player get? And, will the function persist and become a staple function across the board?Pragmatic Play launch share function

For all to enjoy

According to the game developer: any player that likes can share a replay of its top-100 wins simply by generating a link. That they can get posted on popular social media sites. But there is also an option to simply replay the win for personal enjoyment, over and over again. After all, who wouldn’t like to have that option? Plus, it’s also promising that all shared videos will hide the player balance.

And replaced with a stamp saying “Replay”. Which will not only serve as an anonymity tool. But also as a verifier of the win. That should come in handy for dedicated players that like to share their thrilling experience with others. In essence, it will broaden the visibility for video slots in general. Currently, available titles include Book of Tut and Wolf Gold to mention a few. Told to expand as the year goes on.

Bring the players closer

Indeed, introducing the possibilities to share your experience. Will undoubtedly fuel the community with sunshine stories. And offer a genuine way to celebrate certain milestone achievements with others. However, sure it’s an out of the box approach from Pragmatic Play. Although it also raises some questions. For instance, who is held accountable that shared content directs to appropriate outlets?

In the end, the UK has some of the strictest rules on gambling ads. As such, we expect follow-up questions and more precise regulations put in place. This, in regards to acceptable platforms and guidelines. Meaning, this is not the last thing we will hear about the implementation. Though, as of now, let’s enjoy the feature brought to life by Pragmatic Play.