Play’n GO innovates with Diamond Vortex

Ever since Play’n GO committed to releasing 1 new slot a week, they’ve not only focused on creating games with various volatility to cater to as many players as possible. But they’ve also pioneered new game features that propelled them at the top of the list of the most acclaimed studios. Certainly, with the release of Diamond Vortex on August 20th, the provider is showing that they’re never happy with the status quo. And they’re not afraid to challenge it either.

Indeed, at first glance, Diamond Vortex has it all. This upcoming game not only puts a new spin on classic gemstones online games of chances. But it’s medium to high volatility index also promises to deliver significant adrenaline rushes to those who’ll try it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Diamond Vortex. Its features leave no one unturned. And below, you’ll understand why.Play'n GO innovates with Diamond Vortex

Diamond Vortex a new game with a hexagonal game grid

Many of you might be puzzled by the hexagonal layout the upcoming Diamond Vortex boasts. But more importantly, wonder how this play area benefits you? Well, it’s simple, online slots with hexagonal reels often pay in clusters. And Diamond Vortex does not deviate from the concept. So, in other words, because of the unique game layout. You’ll have the opportunity to collect bigger wins with up to 35 identical symbols. But the maximum possible gain on this slot is capped at 5,000x.

With that said, Diamond Vortex also promises to be a great bet because of the cascading symbols and spinning grid it boasts. The game also has crowd-pleasing features such as transforming symbols, free spins and win multipliers. It’s RTP, on the other hand, sits at a respectable 96.2%. Although some operators may release a lower RTP version since Play’n GO gives them that option.

Not the first nor the last

Sure the hexagonal game grid is perhaps not for all players. With that said, it’s not the first time the provider uses this concept to bring to life a new game. Indeed, in October 2019 Play’n GO conceptualized Honey Rush. A game that had a much “softer” theme. And yet, it was higher on the variance scale. So it seems that Play’n GO is keen to capitalize on the hexagonal grid. And who knows, they may even opt to trademark this feature at some point. After all, it’s a prevalent mechanic since most operators enable players to play this kind of slot with a casino bonus. So don’t miss its release on August 20th.