Mr Jones lead Yolted

With the newly appointed CEO, Thomas Rhys Jones, the unique and top-quality game producer Yolted is on track to continue its growth goals. But how is the 2020 founded studio plan to make itself noticed and take more room in the competitive online casino vertical? As of now, the expansion, or perhaps more accurately, the development direction, remains undisclosed. Yet, we know that the studio follows its core values, create, advance, and electrify when the creative hat is on. Plus, other similar and heavily industry used wording like bold, innovative, and brave to describe who they are. Where they round up their thoughts and overall profile in a one-sentence line. “But really, we like to let our games to the talking”. So, let’s see what we can expect from the game’s producer with Mr. Jones as the new CEO of Yolted.

New Yolted CEO

New Yolted CEO – 15 years of iGaming expertise

Naturally, Mr. Jones comes with a treasure trove full of relevant experience that will play in his favour. But also help the relatively newly created games studio, Yolted, find its foothold in the busy and competitive online casino entertainment sector in the UK. So first things first, a quick bio of previously held positions and other necessities to know about the decade and a half industry player, Thomas Rhys Jones.

Scanning the new Yolted CEO – Thomas Rhys Jones

In a way, all previously held position by Mr. Jones has, in some aspect, relative importance to the new role, CEO of Yolted. And if we should have a look at past employers, it’s easy to see the red line and what led to the top position at Yolted. By which include huge names like Amaya, Cherry Group, and Quickspin, to mention some. Plus a wide supporting role call sheet, like account, marketing, general, and head of affiliation manager positions. But also carefully selected Director positions. And now, finally, the prominent CEO seat. Meaning, all in all, Mr. Jones have a great understanding of how to run medium to large globally positioned teams and how to steer success in the right direction.

The unfolded duties

We know from previous interviews and public statements from the company that Mr. Jones will at first make sure that the company’s direction is maintained. Meaning, that before own implementing ideas and thoughts from Mr. Jones. The usual businesses aspects need to take a president like securing the company’s already good appearance. But also take the opportunities, continue building on its reputation and, of course, expand its portfolio presence. All summarised by Georg Westin, “Tom will help us drive our strategy to ensure top-class games and steer the business to further success”.

Yolted – Backed by Hero Gaming

Connected interests like Hero Gaming’s, Georg Westin, chairman and founder of Hero Gaming group, filled in the public by adding some comments and remarks. For instance, in part, he said. “Tom combines proven leadership with years of experience and passion for game development. We have seen remarkable growth in Yolted’s target markets, and Tom will help us strengthen our presence in this space and assist with new market entries”. But he also pointed out that. “We are very excited to have Tom take the reins at Yolted”.

Jones lays it out

According to the new CEO, Thomas Rhys Jones of Yolted. “There’s been an astonishing amount of work done in the background over the last 18 months”. Where Mr. Jones points to cutting-edge tech, unique and special mechanics on innovative games ideas. Moreover, he also gives us the line that the company will walk on, with the following comment. “Our goal is to create, advance, and electrify’ within iGaming, and our upcoming slots and commercial plans put us in an advantageous place to continue to capture market share”.

Name the games

If you are already looking to test out or look at some of the produced titles? Well, in that case, we can recommend games like Vampires Gone Wild, Reels of Aion, and Sutter’s Mill video slots. But also other games like King of the Woods, SlotGF Alice, and Crystal Swipe, to mention some of the inclusion in their title library.

Yolted Slots