Multifaceted developer High 5 Games reach new levels

High 5 Games are well-recognized by the whole casino industry. In fact, it’s one of the original content creators. For instance, the company as such got its first brick in the wall in 1995. And the first online game, 777 in 2002, which got followed up with an even bigger hit, Da Vinci Diamonds, in 2008. Both in an online and land-based setting, an IGT top machine still. Although, reports tell the industry that the two companies are not exactly seeing eye to eye this day about certain “infringing trademarks” disputes. Still, the news we are about to clear out has nothing directly to do with the infractions but somehow makes an organic link. So, let’s just get to it, introducing the new High 5 CFO Robert Gansmo.

New High 5 CFO from Wynn Casino

New High 5 CFO and overseas assets that know the hard business

If the name Robert Gansmo rings a bell, well, it should, as he has been instrumental in growing the Wynn Resorts (Macau) as their now former Chief Financial Officer (CFO). And at no surprise, the growing and expanding High 5 Games has the same plans for his role over at theirs. In other words, Mr.Gansmo will continue his responsibilities at his new employer in the same capacity, or CFO, to make it perfectly clear. And even if no official reason leaked out, why Mr. Gansmo said good-by to Macau. That side of the world and way to do business is notorious for its passionate players. And perhaps has Mr. Gansmo found the keystone to unlock similar success with High 5 games? In fact, this is one of the more exciting C-level hires this side of 2021. But future financial reports from High 5 Games will speak the truth.

The new High 5 CFO said

With eagerness in his voice, well, at least as far as the official publication reads. It sounds like Mr. Gansmo is exceptionally ready to tackle the task and help the business find new verticals in new markets. And directly from the source, it reads. “I’m truly excited to be joining such a creative company, having such a wonderful brand.” but also. “I look forward to working together with Tony (Tony Singer, CEO) and the spirited team at H5G.”

Tony Singer were a bit cryptic

It’s somewhat rare to hear CEOs express themself with such preciseness and intensity when speaking out about new hires. However, what caught our eyes. “There’s no better CFO to help chart the right course than Robert Gansmo”. And as we like to read in between the lines, could it be that Mr.Singer plans something still not shared with the general public? Again, only speculations, but he also mentioned that “As we look to do some innovative things around the world”. Yes, it could only be CEO talk; however, the business as such, conducts in 50 countries on 6 continents with over 200 online casino operators and 500+ slots and other casino games.

High 5 Games – the award winner

Words are one thing and can get inflated to mean anything literally. Though, getting on the board for its achievements and relentless work via awards and ceremonies is a different thing. Where High 5 Games have many awards from organizations like EGR, AGA, and Totally Gaming.

It’s a new day it’s a new dawn it’s a new CFO

The core function of the CFO role is, of course, to oversee such things as financial audits, risk management, and regulatory changes in the field of concern. Although, the days when the CFO was the “number guy” feeding data into that big machine is over. Instead, the role is more about creating value and strategies that affect a more significant portion of the business. In simpler words. “Predict the future by analyzing the market(s)”.

New High 5 CFO - High 5 Award winning