NetEnt produces yet another great baseline video slot

There is no sweet-talking the fact, that ancient Greece has been the source of inspiration for numerous video slots when picking a theme. However, what sets great video slot producers, like NetEnt aside from the run-of-the-mill operations. Are how you implement the genre to create an engaging and interactive player experience. Which is the case in NetEnt’s latest ancient Greece-themed, Parthenon Quest for Immortality. And if you feel an instant connection? It’s because the mechanics build on a previous sequel and an all-time classic, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. Meaning, you will find the crowd-pleasing wild generation zone on top of the regular game grid. Plus, also included as features are such things as free spins and increasing multipliers.NetEnt produces yet another great baseline video slot

All the included mechanics

With the familiar wild generation zone, the game grid layout comes out on a steadily increasing, 6-reels and a 4-5-5-5-5-4 row distribution format. Where the paylines stops on a jaw-dropping 10,000 bet ways. Also reported is that the volatility will cater more for the medium type of player. Still, you stand a decent chance to gain a big win during the bonus game, free spins. And the trigger is as classic as the genre. Meaning, to trigger the bonus game, you first need to hit 3 scatters. That will grant the player 8 free spins, with the addition of 4+ free spins on every more scatter that stops. Yet, to understand the free spin, we first need to check out the wilds.

The wild generator

Basically, on top of the “regular” game grid is a set of 4 symbols or the wild generate zone. And if any top 4 symbols include in a winning cluster, empty space left after the avalanche finishing up will always be wild(s). But, worth taking note of, the wild symbol that forms only endures for 1 spin. And here is where the two mechanics meet. In essence, during the free spins, every wild that forms, the multiplier increases by 1+. Although, even if the upper limit of the multiplier stops at 20x. The free spins are where you stand a decent chance to bring home the big and more significant wins. Though, we can’t 100% confirm all said and not mentioned features due to its June 3rd release date. As such, we will, of course, take a final look at NetEnt’s Parthenon: Quest for Immortality when live in the UK.