More resources to a safer gambling environment

The latest move, from the Betting and Gaming Council’s (BGC) members, shows an initiative to feed the ongoing marketing campaign of safer gambling in the UK. More precisely, representatives from the BGC told the associated press. That its members earmarked 20% of the ads destined for radio and TV to circulate around “safer gambling adverts.” By which is a commitment worth holding on to.

Especially in the UK as the competitive climate starts with responsible gambling, forming the spear tip. And by being ahead of the curve as history has shown us, it is always the best option. Yet, some skepticism got raised about the sudden redirection of marketing funds and time. However, this decision could be the very start of something new. As such worth keeping an eye on as the online casino market in the UK keeps on evolving.More resources to a safer gambling environment

A forced approach that could continue

During these difficult times, many of the top tier online casino supplier’s members of the BGC stopped their typical advertisement. And replaced them with the hot UK topic, safer gambling. Or if allowed, removed completely. But what’s more, some of the proceeds went to unspecified charities. Now, the main question: is this somewhat force of hands an initiative that will persist?

Well, it’s hard to say, but it most certainly opened up the possibility for the UK Gambling Commission to look closer at the situation. This after the smoke has settled in the current ruling climate. And could actually spark a trend among online operators. In fact, it shows their willingness to work with the regulators rather than contest their implementations. Remember, it all started with a “voluntarily” standpoint.

True colors will shine through

Indeed, as BGC don’t file under any online advertising rules. Some experts still think the change in direction will cease to exist as normality resumes. Though, this is a golden opportunity for any serious operator in the UK to show their real intent. Are they going to balance on the line or step clear of it? And implement the marketing strategy going forward? Still too early to say.

What we do know is that BGC and its members are willingly implementing a standard 25 plus rule. Well at least to marketing and advertisement that can’t pinpoint that the age group is 18 or over. Plus, the fight is not only in the hands of the online casino operators. As the largest content provider on the internet recently introduced age restrictions. But so far it’s only on products that risk being forced fed content intended for a mature audience