Microgamings new responsible gambling partner

Now and again, all players that partake in any form of gambling, online or brick and mortar, in fact, need and should assess the current situation. And gauge their engagement level and see, is gambling still fun and do you enjoy your times on the reels? Although, the responsibility also lies with the operators and provider as well. As such, on any reputable gambling outlet in the UK, you will find all types of tools to help you pinpoint your state of affairs. And one of the loudest voices that promote responsible gambling is Microgaming. Where we have seen numerous collaborations and software’s hit the market. And, of course, give responsible gambling specific training to its concerned staff. As such, we like to announce yet another partner that will offer a helping hand, AnonyMind (AM), Microgamings new responsible gambling partner.

Microgamings new responsible gambling partner

AnonyMind – Who are they?

We are always happy to report on new innovations and partnerships when responsible gambling at online casinos is on the agenda. And even if AM might not present itself as a great technology company. Their platform is what the industry needs. For instance, all in all, available via their online portal. Is that any UK-resident can get in contact with over 120 train experts. That together helps expand the network and, consequently, bring more expertise to the table. But that’s not all the organisation offers. So let’s check out some of their available helping tools. And support that could course-correct your current, if needed, direction.

Microgamings new responsible gambling partner is the first of its kind in the UK

Have you heard of RET and CQC? Well the RET, stands for “Reviewing the research, education and treatment”. While the CQC is. “The Care Quality Commission. And why this is important is because AM is the first facility in the UK that has an approved and registered gambling treatment operation.

Customized approach from Microgamings new responsible gambling partner

Indeed, not all players in the UK, more precisely, the small percentage affected by some sort of responsible gambling, is not on the same timetable. As such, the organisation provides tailormade treatments. This fit into the brave souls that reaches out and looks to turn the situation around. Which, according to the organisation, “leads to a better completion rate”. In other words, higher probability of recovery with a long-lasting or ever-lasting effect.

Microgamings new responsible gambling partner

Testimonies – worth listening to

In Am’s arsenal of helpful tools, you find a section titled “Self Help”. Which is a brilliant way to approach the responsible gambling area. Meaning, you can, for instance, check out videos and testimonies from people in the same situation. Moreover, no information is needed to exchange hands for you to start your self-assessment. You could begin immediately within moments of playing slots or any other casino game. What we try to say, you can keep your anonymity, if this is the point of concern? Plus, also a part of the videos are Clinical Psychologists. By which share expert advice. And other preventing tooltips to deploy on your own time and situation. Though, keep in mind, all information and sessions rely on the highest security and discretion.

Looking for more opportunities

With the divided reports in the UK. Organisations like GambleAware reports, somewhere around 2.7% of the adult UK population suffer from problem gambling. Still, what not includes, as far as we found out, is a further drill-down of the area? Where all “gambling” is situated under the same headline. And on the other hand, the UK Gambling Commission says that we are more likely looking at a 0.7% value. As such, are we the public wiser to take a number in between them both to get a more reliable number? In any case, the problem needs to get sorted out. And this is where AM comes into play. Additionally, the organisation also said they are looking for more outlets to spread their work by adding in a statement. “It’s a model we are keen to replicate with other responsible operators within the UK gambling sector”.