Microgaming adds more support

It all more or less started with the Play It Forward programme in 2014 for Microgaming. Where the company offers its time and funding to different organisations. So, it’s pleasant to find out that the company is ready to extend its reach and add more funds. The group in question, this time around, is no other than the Gordon Moody Association (GMA). All in benefit of tackling the ongoing self-harm gambling work. In essence. The lengthen support period and funding will get funnelled to families in need. Or therapy, in the area of problem gambling. So, let’s hear some comments from involved parties. But also, let’s check out the charity, and what experience they come with. As such, let’s head to the next subject line.Microgaming adds more support

The work

The charity has over 5 decades in the field of offering support to those that are in need. That includes a large vertical in the area like education and advice. And different therapeutics. All accessible via a wide range of locations. Like residential treatment centres and counselling programmes. Additionally, to complete the circle. They also have a therapy service via an online portal and app. Plus, it’s always extra heartwarming when this type of news comes so close to Christmas. Still, what’s inspirational in this news is that more companies are in the same mindset. Meaning, we are most definitely going to see many more businesses join the effort as the year keeps ongoing.

Where it helps the most

When hearing from GMA, they were quick to extend its gratitude by saying that the support was “generous”. And that the continued backing will, for instance, go towards a “comfort fund”. But also, that it will benefit families where a member is currently actively going through therapy for problem gambling. And this by offering emotional and physical help to the whole family. Microgaming also commented on the news by adding. “We strive to promote and support a safe, responsible environment for our customers and communities”. Moreover, the industry titan said that this charity, in particular, plays a “key role in our community”. And that they are. “Delighted”. Telling us, they will likely maintain their donation in the future. But more importantly, continue helping the charity and its fantastic work.