LeoVegas Promotes Gender Diversity in Tech

LeoVegas has created an initiative to promote women in technology. Indeed, the mobile gaming company has introduced the LeoRegulus award. This is to encourage gender diversity in the tech sector.

All and all, the awards aim to highlight the best female talent in the industry. To do this, it rewards companies and people that work towards encouraging women to choose this career. Without a doubt, the tech sector has mostly until recently, appeal to male. But as time are changing so does its gender appeal. In fact, more and more organisations are looking to encourage women to get involved.

Applications for the award has already started and will close on November 30th. So if you know a company that shines by its excellence. It’s time to ensure the spotlight is on them so they keep up the good work.

A Worthwhile Award

The winner of this award will get a prize worth £8,000 (SEK100,000). Plus, the winner will be chosen by a jury of four industry experts. Last year, the big prize went to Teknikkvor. Meanwhile, the winner of the Rising Star Award was Techella. Both of these winners are leading the way for women in technology. Teknikkvor organises lectures and training for women in tech. Meanwhile, Technella provides support for female professionals.

LeoVegas Promotes Gender Diversity in Tech

All About the Winner

So, what made the company worthy of the win? Well, it was a really quick starter. It started as a social media group back in September 2017. Yet, in no time at all, it had attracted over 5,000 members. This underlined that there was a need for the group. Because of this huge success, it attracted the attention of the media. This then attracted interest from casino companies.

This win has made a big impact on the organisation. It has given them a well-needed safety net. It lets them work on important projects rather than just the money makers. Also, they can spend more time spreading the message of gender equality. This is an important message, and it looks like the word is getting out. It’s great to see women working more in this area. But also, it’s great to see LeoVegas continuing its support towards non gambling related causes too.