How to play Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette

Without a doubt, Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is one of the most popular live dealer games in Playtech’s ever-expanding catalog of live casino games. But the truth is that knowing that many players like Age of Gods Bonus Roulette, is just the beginning.

In fact, if you landed here, the chances are that you might want to know why you should pick this American roulette-style game over others. Even if it only has 1 zero instead of the zero and the double zero.

Well, in this short guide, we’ll try our best to answer this question. But first, let’s talk about the game itself. After all, it’s one of the few roulette games to offer 4 progressive jackpots. Plus, it also banks on the Age of Gods’ legacy that propelled the slot franchise in the premium spots of many UK casino lobbies.How to play Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette

What happened to the double zero?

Most savvy roulette players would tell you that given a chance between an American roulette game or European roulette. You’re always better off, odds-wise, sticking with the European because they’re fewer spaces on the wheel for the ball to land in. And consequently, this means that you have better odds of winning (European roulette offers an RTP of 97.3% instead of 94.74% for the American one).

However, Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette redefines the concept but without affecting the RTP. This is because a B pocket replaced the 00. And if the ball lands on it, you’ll play a bonus game. Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is the only roulette game to our knowledge to offer this. Not to mention that this game is also unique as the jackpots advertised above the play area are the same you’d find in any slots of the franchise.

The bonus game you can trigger when the ball lands in the B pocket

To sum up, to play the bonus in Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette, you’ll have to first place some chips (£1 up to 500) on the special bonus space at the top of the betting mat. And if the ball lands on it. You’ll get 3 spins on a slot game to try to win as much as possible.

By and large, you’ll win the most if 3 gold coins align on a pay line. This will award you 100x your stake. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that while the side game can be rewarding. Not all spins will be winning ones, just like in a real slot game. So keep this in mind when you plan how to spend your entertainment budget to play responsibly.

How to win a jackpot on Playtech’s Age of Gods Bonus Roulette?

It’s easy to dream of winning one of the 4 progressive jackpots in this game. After all, each wager you place increases the prizes’ value, and if you’re lucky. You’ll get to win one at random. A good thing about the jackpots is that you’ll see when they were won if you click on them. So you can somewhat deduct if they’ve exceeded their payout threshold or not. And that, too, is unique. It’s no wonder players love it and why we think you might too.