Hero Gaming goes green

In 2013, a brand emerged on the scene that rivaled the norm in what way online gambling entertainment was delivered. And we are naturally thinking of Hero Gaming. Where the operator, after 7 years, has brought not only excitement but also shown that a successful industry can bring benefits to the general public. Where the companies core values and lead words love, dare, and win have guided them pretty well so far. And in the wake of their accomplishment in business, Hero Gaming plans to extend its reach and pay it forward by bringing back the greens to the place of the headquarters.Hero Gaming goes green

A long term goal

As part of Hero gamings promises or stated plans, the organization likes to, in their own words. “Give back to our communities by contributing to changes in the places and causes we love”. And one project that is close to the operator’s heart is the environment. Where they recently announced that 100 threes would find their way into the soil for every year, Hero gaming has had services.

Meaning, at least 700 indigenous trees will get added to Malta’s ever-shrinking green areas. Plus, the investment is not only a monetary value. As the expected time from seed to sapling to mature tree is somewhere around 3-years. But the end result is so much more than just trees in the ground. Where the spinoff effect is awareness, wildlife habitat, cleaner air, and, of course, beneficial for generations to come.

The regular season is soon back

Who would thought that it would be exciting times to write about give-back initiatives? It basically means that the industry and the rest of the world are slowly getting back to normal. And hopefully, are we seeing an old but gold public relations trend emerge again. Yet, as of now, casinoservice.org/uk/ applaud Hero Gaming for picking up the torch and lead the way back to what we like to consider normality.