Hero Gaming Dares to Make a Difference

Never has there been a time where there is such a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In fact, operators are focusing on this not only in the UK but globally. More and more companies are having to ensure that they are doing the right thing and contributing to the cause. However, Hero Gaming has taken this to a new level. And so, it has built a new foundation with CSR at its very core. This is a move that they are describing as the beginning of an exciting journey.Hero Gaming Dares to Make a Difference

All and all, the company behind Casino Heroes will take the lead in actions that help both the community and the environment. This is a cause that will be at the centre of their whole business strategy.

A Plan in Action

Obviously, Hero Gaming has previously supported other causes. However, now, the company can create a real plan of action and maximise their money to make ideas reality. So, a group of people, dedicated to giving back to society, will set the wheels in motion.

They have decided that they will focus their CSR attentions on three different areas environment, people and animals. They felt that these were linked to the company values of ‘Love, Dare, and Win’. Also, the company will double any funds raised through initiatives and donations.

The Wheels are in Motion

To sum up, this year the foundation is supporting children who need medical help in Malta. As well as this, they are supporting a number of Swedish NGOs that help vulnerable children too. But, there are other ways they have started making a difference. Other actions include organising a beach clean and helping protect the seas and rain forests.

They have also helped rehome a retired racehorse from Malta to Sweden and are covering the annual costs of an African school as well. If all iGaming companies follow suit, this could be a very exciting journey indeed. A journey towards making the world a better place.