Get a license to spin with Red Tiger

Red Tiger is getting ready to reveal the secret agent keeping you and the reels safe, in its upcoming blockbuster title, Agent Royale. In fact, the big announcement will go down in the UK on January 26th. And said to include thrilling gameplay via 5-reel, 4-row on 40-paylines. And by the look of things, Red tiger has spared no clichés surrounding the genre and theme. As such, expect fast and exotic cars in hot pursuit.

But also bombs and martinis, if shaken and not stirred, still remains to get seen, as selected symbols included. All in all, its appearance directly makes you think of a double zero agent that never goes out of fashion. However, the producer has somewhat diverted from its path when it comes to volatility. And to be honest, we are quite excited to give this late January release a deep dive when live.Get a license to spin with Red Tiger

A balanced toolbox

Indeed, as mentioned, Red Tiger is throwing a slight curveball when it comes to the volatility. In fact, this time around the game producing powerhouse says that Agent Royale will play on a medium to high volatility. And an out of the norm return to player (RTP) of 95.77%.

Yet, it also revealed that it’s a default setting. Meaning there will most definitely be multiple options for individual adjustments from the operator’s side. All depending on the targeted market. As far as the theme and red thread, the protagonist is supposedly a bomb-defusal expert. That is the name of the game in the free spins feature. Including such things as 1×2 sized “Agent Royale wild” and locked in place wild after a successful bomb-disposal mission, amongst other highlights in the bonus game. That could reward a max win of 1,760x your bet.

The one to watch

The genre and take on the spy world are not as widespread as one would expect when it comes to video slots. Meaning, there is not that much competition out there to compete against. Nevertheless, if early access is in any way reflecting the final product, players are in for a treat. And Agent Royale is actually setting the standard for all 2021 releases that other game producers will most definitely add in the coming months, surrounding the theme. So, set your alarm and be one of the first to try the title when it goes live at the end of January.