Evolution pushes boundaries

In the competition of customers, live casino giant Evolution launches over the table (OTT) Andar Bahar game via its subsidiary company, Ezugi. By which will be an industry first in the sense of offering the popular game style in a live casino OTT environment. Plus, by launching the product via Ezugi further adds indirect a new level to Evolutions available live casino content currently in its library. So, what exactly is Andar Bahar? But also how does an OTT live casino game differ from a “normal” setting? Moreover, is it a game type that would catch your eye? Whatever the answers may be, let’s first clear all the questions and explain more in detail.Evolution pushes boundaries

What is Andar Bahar?

If you are new to live casinos, Andar Bahar might not be the first title you try out. However, Andar Bahar, in fact, is one of the easiest table games to start understanding. First off, you play against the dealer, where every round starts with a new deck of cards. Where the table split into 3 areas, dealer card, Andar, and Bahar side.

To kick a round of the dealer pulls the first card from the deck. Also known as “the Joker” and places it on the deal position. Now the player bet, will the next “joker” card land either on the Andar or Bahar side. After betting, the dealer draws 1 card and places it on the Bahar side, draw 1 more and places it on the Andar side, and so on, that’s it. Or you can place side bets on the number of cards drawn in that round.

Why is over the table style different?

The live casino style called over the table or OTT is a technology that utilizes an actual brick and mortar establishment and real games to stream from. And by offering OTT games and tables, you as a customer do get a more authentic feeling. Basically, the HD cameras are situated directly above the tables, and you simply join the action without causing interruption to other players or the dealer. And that’s the most significant difference an OTT table offers.

It’s simply better equipped to bring you authenticity. Where most of the live casino on offer comes from a studio environment emulating a “real” casino. After all, it’s hard to replicate the floor atmosphere that you only get in a land-based casino. And now, you can also add Andar Bahar to your live casino OTT repertoire via Evolutions daughter company Ezugi.