Evolution Gaming introduce power blackjack

It was in October 2018 Evolution Gaming launched its “Infinite” series, started with infinite blackjack. That followed with the release of free bet blackjack in June 2019. And now we learn that the world-leading live casino solution provider expands its infinite range. And this with another exciting product, power blackjack. By which will complete the current line up of the specific product range. Yet, as the previous editions have shown great response from the live casino audience.

There will more than likely be some more titles coming to the series in the near future. But back on point, what exactly is the infinite range, and what are the basics of the setup? But more importantly, what is power blackjack? Find out all this and more, only by continuing reading the news.Evolution Gaming introduce power blackjack

Infinite possibilities on the table

Traditionally a blackjack table consists of up to 7 available seats at any given time. This means your favorite table could be fully occupied, leaving you as a player waiting for a free position. However, on Evolution Gaming’s infinite range, there is no seat limit. With the knock-on effect of an optimized experience for the players that love live casino and more precise blackjack.

And with the introduction of the new infinite game, power blackjack. The vertical just got lush and even more attractive to a larger pool of live casino fans. Where the latest release has the possibility to bring in new players. This without spoiling the fundamentals of the core product, blackjack.

Double, triple or quadruple down

Indeed, with the power blackjack on the live casino table, the temperature went up to red hot. And not only is there an indefinite number of seats free. But the main attraction is the ability of double, triple, or quadruple down on the first 2 dealt cards. What’s more, the option is also an alternative after a split, which really opens up the table.

Also featured in power blackjack is 4 side bet options. Including 21 plus 3, bust it, hot 3, and of course any pair. Additionally, all 10s and 9s are removed from the 8 deck shoe, but will still include all the face cards. Granting the player a unique setting to try out new approaches and plays in the 300-year-old classic table game, blackjack.