Corporate Social Responsibility gets more room in 2021

With all the challenges thrown at the industry as a whole in 2020 and its continuation in 2021. Quickspin likes to remind all to nurture the culture of giving back and pay it forward. However, it’s not only Quickspin that put its best foot forth during these testing times. In fact, it has become a somewhat trending subject for most content producers and operators to display and contribute to. And in all honesty. No one will despite or talk ill of any company that likes to toot one’s own horn when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). And should there be a business competition to part take in, CRS should be in a prime spot. But, where exactly did the veteran development studio send its support?Corporate Social Responsibility gets more room in 2021

€5,000 in pure donation

In the year we all like to leave behind and forget, Quickspin donated about €5,000 to 4 organizations. Where the overall theme surrounding the environment and child health. And in non-specific or money size order this is the organization Quickspin chooses to support. The first is Save the Children, helping provide meals to families in need. The second is “Barncancerfonden”. A childhood cancer foundation, supporting the fight to eradicate the destroying disease. Then comes the critical environmental work, where Quickspin donated money to “ViSkogen”. A project planting trees in the surrounding area of Eastern African, Victoria Lake. Last but certainly not least is the “Ocean Conservancy”. Basically, an ongoing scheme to clean up the world’s oceans.

Find the organization that speaks to you

It has become more evident that resources need to get replenished. And supporting causes like stated above, is not just creating more awareness. But it also helps the individual groups to grow and extend their work. As such, it’s always happy days when companies like Quickspin share their wealth but also use their influence to shine a spotlight on the problems. And should 2021 post a challenge, it should be in the spirit of giving and pay it forward to the people and causes that need a helping hand and support. What organization will get your help?