Big UK brand got unwanted attention

The happy casino, casumo, recently got some less than wanted attention. This when the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) found flaws in the operator’s procedures. More precise in their social responsibility and anti-money laundering (AML) obligations. Which, in the end, resulted in a deeper investigation. This into the UK facing operation and it’s current standards. To many’s surprise, that revealed that Casumo did indeed have some holes in the safety nets. Meaning, the operator did directly breach the signed and agreed licensing contract. To uphold their end in license conditions and codes of practice (LCCP). But also in the all so important area of documentation checks. Basically, to make sure that its customers have the funds to spend online. So, what exactly got Casumo into trouble and hefty fines? And what will the future look like?Big UK brand got unwanted attention

£6 Million reasons to follow the guidelines

According to the UKGC, Casumo needs to fork out £6 Million. After the watchdog organization found failings in responsibilities. In fact, the investigation found. That the operator didn’t conduct enough source of funds checks. Where the main case surrounds a player that managed to spend £1.1 Million over the course of 3 years. And this without checks to ensure affordability. But more importantly, that gambling was responsible. Plus, the investigation also found that. The documentation sent by the customer was prematurely approved. In essence, the trail of documents didn’t match up with each other. As such, the 3-year spending on the operator didn’t match with the customer’s finances. So, what will be on Casumos “must do” list going forward?

What’s next?

Aside from the £6 Million in penalties. The operator also got an official warning. That means that Casumo needs to go through a new set of independent auditor LCCP checks. All paid by the operator themselves. Yet, since the investigation. The UKGC has acknowledged the operators “fundamental shift” in procedures and processes. In the end, not the type of notification any operator like to get. Although, on the other hand. It’s exceptionally pleasant to see that no matter the size of the brand. There will be follow-ups to make sure that all players have a safe platform to enjoy. And you as a player now know. With the recent heightened attention, there is no safer place in the UK to play online than Casumo right now.