Another hot win for a lucky Microgaming player

Those of you who follow will remember that last week we highlighted that Microgaming had paid out a life-altering win to some lucky anonymous player. And this week, Microgaming is, once more making the headlines because some punter won £256,959.94 on Wheel of Wishes.

The epic win on the progressive jackpot slot happened on June 7th. And after the European gambler triggered the bonus wheel feature and the arrow pointer stopped on the Major Jackpot.

With jackpots falling practically every week, Microgaming’s progressive slot range is hotter than ever. And it could once again make the headlines next week as the Mega Moolah jackpot now exceeds £5 Million.

So those who believe that progressive slots don’t drop in the summer may have to rethink their statement. It may be true for some providers. But not Microgaming whose progressive network total payout gets closer to £1.2 billion with every win.Another hot win for a lucky Microgaming player

Even more, ways to win on Microgaming slots coming soon?

In the past weeks, Microgaming has also released a new feature that casino operators can take advantage of. Well, that’s if they’re looking to bring players’ engagement to the next level and to get valuable game knowledge too.

Microgaming’s latest innovation comes in the form of special slot tournaments that clients can join. At the moment there’s little information about the new feature. However, it seems to be something that’s only for their B2B clients. Less than a week ago, Microgaming’s James Buchanan confirmed that 50 players joined the race for goodies in the past 24h.

So, these tournaments are getting more and more popular as their awareness increases. And some have even speculated that the B2B tournaments are a soft launch of what could be a new gamification tool that players could take advantage of. But, let’s see if the rumors turn into facts in autumn 2020.