Another crazy payouts on Evolution’s Crazy Time

It’s impressive how every week, players are winning big on Evolution’s live casino games. In fact, the popularity of the money wheel game Crazy Time is hard to rival. Sure, some of Evolution’s competitors, like Playtech, have come up with a similar game-show style money wheel concept. Yet, it’s Crazy Time that steels the headlines more or less every week, thanks to epic wins like on April 7th. So let’s recap how the action unfolded and how some lucky gamblers walked away 1,600x their bet richer.Another crazy payouts on Evolution’s Crazy Time

Evolution pays an amazing £1,128,616.90 to players

To sum up, the magical spin on Crazy Time kick-off nicely when the money wheel landed on the red Crazy Time-space. And, of course, the host walked through the red door to play the Crazy Time bonus in the enchanted world. Then players were invited to pick a flapper, green, blue, or yellow, that would indicate how much they’d win next. In essence, those who picked green and blue would have been slightly disappointed when the pointer landed on 50x and 25x, respectively. Yet, the lucky ones who choose yellow would have been over the moon as the pointer stopped on Double. And they got a chance to spin the wheel again and again and again as the wheel stopped on double 4 times in a row. But it finally stopped on 1,600x. This means that 2,271 players shared £1,128,616.90.

Remember to play responsibly

As you know, if you play Crazy time, there a couple of things that’ll need to link up for you to win as much as these players. While it happens frequently, remember to play responsibly because not all spins will be winning ones. And because only a hand full of casinos such as LeoVegas offer British Gamblers a live casino bonus. It’s your money that’s on the line, not the house. So it’s important to have a budget in mind and respect it as you spin. And this, regardless of how engaging the game is.