A new Jackpot feature on LeoVegas Casino

The hype around progressive jackpot slots has never been this high. And so is the excitement around local community jackpots many online casino operators offer. Think about it for a second, last week, Casumo launched its Jackpot blizzard winter promotion with 2 million worth of guaranteed prizes. Then there’s VideoSlots, who often makes the headlines for paying large lump sums to players who hit it big on their bespoke wheel of jackpots.

But it seems that LeoVegas is ready to embark on the trend too. Indeed, only days ago, James Ford, Head of Casino, announced their “very own Multi-Level Jackpot.” BlueRibbon Software propels the new feature. As we understand, it works more or less like Red Tiger’s Daily, and Hourly must drop jackpot. Yet, the seed money can rival Microgaming’s legendary Mega Moolah.A new Jackpot feature on LeoVegas Casino

5 million reasons to play on LeoVegas

With a jackpot starting at €5 million (or close to £5 million), it’s easy to see why many people may make LeoVegas their favorite place to play. But it’s worth noting that unlike other community jackpots. Leovegas’ 4 local jackpots can only be won on selected games. This means that if you’re looking to trigger the bonus wheel feature to win either the Mini, Minor, Major or Mega Jackpot, you’ll first need to “opt-in on an eligible game,” as Ford explained. And as always, the money you can win will increase with every wager.

More about BlueRibbon’s jackpot feature

A great thing about BlueRibbon player engagement tool is its flexibility. This means that jackpots are not only available on slot games. But on the live casino vertical and sportsbook too. Plus, the tool gives operators the possibility to build a “special jackpot” for bespoke promotion.

Undeniably, the king of mobile play sees a lot of potential in the tool. So it could be the beginning of something very exciting. Only time will tell if the casino maximizes the tool’s potential. But for now, you have 5 million new reasons to visit them.