A high traffic season

In general, December is a high traffic season for online casinos in the UK. Where many people take a longer and deserved time off from work. However, sadly it’s also a time where some players lose control of time and money spent on online entertainment. Yet, as we have seen such intense work from organizations like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in 2020. The industry as a whole this season is much better equipped and prepared with a more extensive toolbox, just compared to last year. And this is not only on the operator’s end but as well on the end-users side. So, what should you as a player be extra vigilant towards as we enter the big holiday month? And what are the tools available at your disposal?A high traffic season

The main three indicators

It might sound trivial, but keep track of your interaction time, mood, and money spent. Especially if you have accounts on multiple operators. In other words, pay extra attention to how much time you actually spend on any online casino operator. And what are your feelings when playing? Are you still enjoying the game session? Or are you finding yourself jumping from game to game, or increasing the stake to win the amount back you just lost? Also, if you usually deposit a certain amount to “play around with” are you sticking to normal deposit behavior? All in all, 3 simple indicators to adhere to. Plus, never try your luck if overindulged in Christmas traditional drinks like eggnog, port, or sloe gin.

End the year with a budget

Luckily responsible gambling is on the uprise in the UK, where the stigma is starting to get washed out and replaced with words like strength and courage. Meaning, people are more willing to seek help or actively use the tools available. As such, a tip to keep the fun going during Christmas, why not already start to look at precautionary measures you can utilize. For instance, plan your spending budget and set necessary limits. That includes deposit, net loss, bet, but also session limits. Moreover, remember that you are always only a few clicks away, even during Christmas to speak either with the operator’s support team. Or external organizations like begambleaware.org. That is specially trained in the responsible gambling area. What we are trying to say, keep it fun and exciting. But if the pot boils over, step back and assess your situation.