A friendly reminder from the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) numbers are in no sense looking bad or are about to spiral out of control. This in regards to reported self-harm or increased responsible gambling issues. Yet, the governing body, like to remind all the UK operators. With encouraging words to show extra vigilance during the coming weeks and months. And the issued statement is more of a reminder that the UK is still facing an uphill battle. Where fatigue could set in, and the vulnerable player could start showing signs of unhealthy behavior. As such, the UKGC issued some guidance for everyone to benefit from. On that note, let’s find out some specifics. But also some general remarks made from the watchdog. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?A friendly reminder from the UK Gambling Commission

Stay vigilant

It’s easy to push the responsibility to the operator’s side. Still, it’s in all interest to follow the UKGC’s simple but yet forceful words. “Protecting your customers during this difficult time”. But also pointing to that, this period laying ahead of us will come with new sets of hurdles. By which was not present during early 2020. For instance, Neil McArthur, chief executive of the UKGC, said. “There are more opportunities for betting customers to gamble”. This, as sports are up and running. Additionally, Mr. McArthur also was quick to mention that. The UKGC monitors all situations more carefully during these times. And that the organization will not hesitate to step in and take action if needed. Although, as mentioned, this time around. The communication is to remind everyone that the UK is not out of the woods just yet.

The UK is doing great

Ultimately, the UK and its trusted licensed casinos have shown great adaptation to the problematic situation that rose during 2020. Moreover, even if the situation was far from wanted. Yet, it has created an unprecedented time for all UK operators to speed up their social responsibilities. And to be completely honest, the UKGC has got a golden opportunity to shine bright in a show-and-tell approach. Where many markets should take note and follow the lead of the strict, but fair UKGC. All in all, if all operators keep monitoring the situation. The industry will find itself in a much stronger position when all this is finally over.