2021’s EGR Power 50 series

The 2021 edition of the EGR Power 50 series will be the 18th time the cream of the crop of the igaming business meets. And by doing so, they plan to share experiences, for example. But also conducted traditional networking and discussing hot industry topics. In essence, see the event, or shall we say events. As the EGR Power 50 series stretches across the whole year. Whit frequent and many gathering every quarter. Although some meet and greet happen face to face, while some functions go down 100% virtual. Where the larger purpose of the discussions is to compare notes and see where the industry currently stands. Including in the topics, we find such things as enhanced player visibility. Plus security and data usage, and safer gambling innovations, to mention just a few.2021's EGR Power 50 series

Who will attend

The attendees are by no means drawn from a hat. In fact, all the virtual events are by invitation only and strictly bases on companies or operator’s current positions according to the EGR Power 50 list. At the same time, the live events held by the organizers are directly targeting the C-level segment. So far, the event has seen the EGR power 50 virtual symposia, where the discussion surrounded 2 scorching hot topics, “The year to adapt to survive” and “The new world of work in gaming”. The next scheduled event is a 2-day content and networking in-person meeting in mid-September. That follows by numerous quarterly meetings, online and face to face.

More important than ever

Indeed, never have meetings and discussions between the highest-ranking operations been so crucial that it is now. The industry can come together and work in symbiosis to dig an easier way out of the hole 2020, put in place, and pool all the creative thinkers and groundbreakers into one large think tank if you like, is what the online gambling business needs. Especially as the rules and regulations keep on getting tighter and stricter.