Big Time Gaming

When Big Time Gaming opened up their offices in Sydney’s iconic creative hub in 2011, like many, they hoped to revolutionize the online gambling world with their slot games. To achieve their goal, the company’s leaders Nik Robinson, Huw McIntosh, and Ian Schmidt envisioned that only well thought and leading ideas would make it onto the reels.

Indeed, Big Time Gaming is always on the lookout for the “next big thing” as they say. And in 2016, the Australian-based developer got its breakthrough when they came up with the trademarked Megaways feature.

Since then, several other great ideas have come out of the studio’s doors. It’s no wonder that, many people in the industry credit the company’s success to the 30 years of cumulative experience in iGaming the founders have. Undeniably, it’s this experience that helped them see the value in regulating their games for several markets, including the UK.Big Time Gaming

What are the best games by Big Time Gaming?

With 25 titles under their belt, it’s hard to pick the best slots in Big Time Gaming catalog.

Sure some could say Bonanza is the best-ever Megaways slot because it’s the first the studio came up with. But the truth is since its launch on December 7th, 2016 many other great Megaways slots were brought onto the market. And this by studios who have obtained licensing rights for the mechanic.

Yet, it’s worth knowing that Big Time Gaming branded slots are often top performers. For example, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways and Mystery Box hold premium spots in many UK online casinos lobby.

But let’s not forget to mention Survivor which brings the magic of tribal council onto any devices. Then there’s also Monopoly Megaways which is getting a lot of attention because of the fast-paced, interactive gameplay it boasts. And one that can award up to 14,700x stake.

What about their Jackpot games?

Big Time Gaming focuses on new game mechanics, mostly. Then they trademark the new features and sell licensing rights to B2B partners. So, it stands to reason to say that because progressive jackpot games aren’t “revolutionary”. They don’t offer them as such. However, it’s worth noting that many operators like VideoSlots enable players to win a community jackpot on their games.

Plus, it’s not rare that Megaways license holders create progressive slots. It was the case for NetEnt in late November 2020 when they brought Divine Fortune Megaways in the lobby of many operators.

Sure, Big Time Gaming slots, as of today, don’t offer progressive jackpots. Yet, it doesn’t mean they can’t change a life. Indeed, the dynamic betways concept, in a funny way, works like a progressive jackpot. Because the more ways to win a player activates, the more chances they have at reaching the slot’s maximum exposure.

What is Big Time Gaming Best known for?

By now, you understand that Big Time Gaming is responsible for the development of Megaways slots. And it’s possibly the thing they’re most renowned for. But it wouldn’t be right not to mention the MegaCluster mechanic they’ve conceptualized in June 2020.

This pioneering feature is gaining in popularity as more creators obtain usage rights. The MegaCluster feature is quite similar to Megaways mechanic. However, MegaCluster slots typically have smaller grids. And, of course, to win its symbols players need to group on the play area. So, this feature is perfect for familiarising casual players with dynamic paylines.

The company also pioneered the Reel Adventure mechanic in 2019 with the release of Holy Diver Megaways video slot. While only a hand full of studios obtained licensing rights for it. It could very well be the next big thing as a new adventure unfolds with each game round. Try it, you’ll see.