Online Roulette

La roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician of the 17th century. It was first played in a casino of Paris and memorised the crowd. To this day, Roulette games are still fascinating and are without a doubt the most played table games in online casinos. Some say, you’ll need to be lucky and skilful to win at roulette. But Truly, you don’t need to be a strategy expert to tempt faith. Just pick your favourite numbers and watch the wheel turn is often enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Let’s look at some of the key fundaments that make roulette so exciting to play, and differences between roulette types. These are things you will probably want to know before venturing into the real money mode of the games.rouletteonline

What types of bets can you place in online roulette?

Online roulette is a very simple game to understand regardless of the variant you play. The minimum and maximum allowed are always indicated by the roulette wheel. But when in doubt you can always ask the croupier. Depending on the level of risk you would like to take and how much you would like to win you they are different types of bets you can place.

A Straight

A straight consist in a single number bet and will award you x35 your initial bet. You can place several straight bets on different numbers and you will still win x35 your bet if the ball lands on your chosen number. This is considered a high risk bet because depending on the variation of roulette you have 1 in 37 or 1 in 38 chances of winning. A good strategy when playing roulette online is to always double your high risk losing bets especially if you are betting on the hot numbers.

A Split

A split is a bet placed in between 2 numbers on adjacent column or rows and will give you x17 your initial bet.

Zero split

Zero split is a bet that covers both zeroes (American roulette only) and will award you x17 your initial bet.

A Street

A street is a bet that covers 3 numbers on a specific row and will pay out x11 your initial bet.

A corner

A corner is a bet placed between 4 numbers and will pay you x8 your initial bet.

A Basket

A basket Covers the numbers 1, 2, and 3 plus the zero(s) it will generally pay you x6 your initial bet.

A line

A line covers 6 consecutive numbers on 2 rows and will give you x5 your initial bet.

A dozen

A dozen covers 12 numbers on a column and will pay you x2 your initial bet.

Low and high number bets

Low and high number bets is a low-risk bet and consist in predicting if the next number will be a low one between 1-18 or a high numbers 19-36. This will pay you x1 your initial bet.

Odd or Even

Odd or even is a low-risk bet that will pay you x1 your initial bet.

Red or Black

Red or Black is a low-risk bet that will pay you x1 your initial bet.

What type of games are available?

They are many types of online roulette which can be played in an online casino, from poker roulette to Multi-Wheel roulette, Asian roulette, la Partage and even a Marvel roulette. But let’s look at the two most common type of roulette available in online casino and their key differences.

European Roulette: If the most played in the online casinos because it offers better odds to the players. The table layout is just like the American roulette except that this variation of the game only has one zero. The odds of hitting are 1 in 37 and the typical RTP (return to player) is set at 97.30%.

American Roulette: Offers the players a smaller percentage of winning because the roulette has a single zero and a double zero. Even if the difference is quite small it drastically affects the RTP (return to player) 94.74% for the same maximum payout of x35 your initial stake on a straight bet and the odds of hitting are 1 in 38.
To keep it simple, you should always look for a seat at a roulette table that only has one zero on it. You’ll stand better chances of winning and the game will be a lot more fun!roulettelive

Who offers online roulette?

Online roulette can be played in both live casino and basic table games. The live casino games are always more exciting because they allow you to interact with the dealer and see what numbers players bet on.
The most renown live casino software providers are NetEnt Live casino and Evolution gaming. Live casino games are available at Leo Vegas, Thrills and Rizk to name a few.

You’ll find most games available across desktop, mobile and tablet. It is better, to play online casino from a large screen device so that you can comfortably chat with the live dealer and get the real casino feel for it. Not ready for the live action yet? No problem, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech also offer different variations of online roulette just look at the table game section of Casumo, Guts and InstaCasino to find them.

Can you play for free?

You certainly can! Microgaming, Netent and Playtech are some of the providers that offer a fun mode. This is to give players the chance to test out the game and the interface before investing their hard earn cash. Another way to play for free is to claim a no deposit cash offer. They are a few casinos which gives money for free to new players. SuperCasino gives new player £10 for free no deposit required. They have a great selection of table games too and you can join their live dealer every day on Channel 5.