Yggdrasil adds an industry first to its YGS program

When Yggdrasil launched its YGS programme last year they promised a quick and effective solution for emerging studios to publish new games. And with the addition of its publishing arm in early January, it seems that Yggdrasil is ultra-keen to keep its word to those who entrusted them to extend their reach into new horizons. As you know, Yggdrasil isn’t the only content developer who opened up its backend platform to third-party content creators. Nowadays, it seems that content aggregation is a route that many ventures on. But, Yggdrasil proposition could win the heart of studios who are “in start-up phase” thanks to a new deal with Black Cow. So who is Black Cow? And why is this a game-changer for game creators? Well, let’s find out.Yggdrasil adds an industry first to its YGS program

Focusing on the fun part of game creation

As we understand, the latest agreement will enhance Yggdrasil GATI solution. GATI is a key part of Yggdrasil’s Partner Program, which banks on a B2B proposition to generate revenue. In essence, Black Cow can if the associated studios want to, create a game engine for them. This way it means that they’ll have an even quicker route to market for their latest creation. Because essentially, Black Cow enable studios to focus on the fun part of game creation which is the concept. And of course the graphics elements as well. But there’s another part to this deal. In fact, studios who already work with Black Cow will have access to Yggdrasil’s game publishing tool kit.

In every day’s terms, what does it mean for casino players?

All an all, the latest deal with Black Cow means that more slots could hit the online gambling market soon. And given how complete Yggdrasil and cost-effective their solution is. And, of course, given the size of their distribution network. It could mean that new partners and their game would have instant success with casino players as well. Black Cow said they were “honoured” to join Yggdrasil’s revolutionary solution. Yggdrasil, on the other hand, were ecstatic to give “the keys to its kingdom” to even more partners.