Wazdan expands

A fascination with video slots fuels the game developer Wazdan. And has been so the last 10 years, consequentially shown in their products. Where we have seen some significant industry firsts, further backed by some prestigious awards. And it’s all achieved by keeping true to their core values “perfection is ahead of us” and. “Be the best at what we do.” So it was no surprise when we learned that Wazdan expands its knowledge pool by hiring some big names in the industry. In fact, on the updated company roster, we find 4 new names. By which shares the developer’s forward-thinking thought process. And should hence add to the overall growth of the out of the box game provider. So, with further ado, let’s reveal the new staff members.Wazdan expands

Great potential with new hires

Indeed, the market has completely exploded with products from Wazdan lately. And to keep up with the growing demand, you need talented people to nurture the product, but also to convey the message further. “Gaming is our passion.” And one step in that direction is to expand with new hires. And in no particular order, the new employees are Albert Bellavista, who will shoulder the responsibility as head of business development for the Spanish and Latin American markets. Plus, Sandrine Chen in the role of sales and business development manager, Asia. But also add Bekki D’Agata as the sales and development manager. And finally Katarzyna Pysz in the all-important senior campaign manager position.

A global pipeline upgrade

For sure, with these new people on board, there is no doubt that Wazdan is looking to expand its reach internationally on a global scale. Where we soon will see new partnerships and cooperations form as a result. And the titles in the new hires indicate directly in what direction the Game provider is looking to grow in, especially with their latest release, Sic Bo Dragons. That is one of the most popular game types on the Asian market. We wish the best of luck to the new talent and looking forward to seeing what they will bring to the table.