UKGC Reviewing Online Wager Limits

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has stated that it will be looking into online stake limits for betting websites. It has informed Parliament that it will make a decision in the coming 6 months. Indeed, this decision comes on the back of growing pressure to bring online stakes in line with the current fixed odds betting terminal limits. As such, this could see the stake limit for online gambling drop to £2.

Neil McArthur, CEO of the UKGC, addressed the APPG’s worries in February, saying that they would seriously review the stake limits as there are currently no limits.UKGC Reviewing Online Wager Limits

One Issue of Many

At the same time, Neil McArthur also addressed a number of other Responsible Gambling issues raised by the APPG. They have raised concerns with the UKGC that they aren’t doing enough to protect the more vulnerable bettors from harm. Also, they questioned the effectiveness of current fines being given for gambling breaches.

With regards to the £2 stake limit, McArthur stated this is something that they will be reviewing presently. If they adhere to the wishes of the APPG, this limit will very soon be a reality. Hopefully, this limit will reduce the debt that players can quickly find themselves in if they do have an addiction to online gambling.

However, Brigid Simmonds, speaking on behalf of the Betting and Gaming Council wasn’t so sure. She believed that it was possible these restrictions “could drive people into the black market”, which they need to avoid.

Protect the Vulnerable

The former aide of Labour’s Tom Watson, James Noyes, took a different stand. He believes that online gambling needs to be treated in the same way as land-based gambling.

But will the APPG’s demands be met? Well, it’s likely as they have had great success with previous demands. Before this, they have asked for a ban on credit card gambling and also limits on Fixed Odds Betting Terminal limits. Additionally, VIP schemes are also under the radar.

But the truth is British high rollers still have hope that this limitation won’t apply to online gambling. As some have pointed out, most online casinos already have wager limitations in place. At least when it comes to wagering casino bonuses.