UKGC outlines the focus areas for the next 12 months

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has, in recent days, released the upcoming areas they will lean heaviest on in 2019. And to no surprise, it’s in line with what their initial 4 years’ plan entitled. In fact, in 2019 the watchdog will focus on protecting the British public. They also want to improve regulation and raise industry standards. But more importantly, they hope to achieve a sustainable structure toward funding education. And lastly, they want to measure the results they’ve achieved with their new strategy too.UKGC outlines the focus areas for the next 12 months

Highlighted projects

After announcing their new strategy, the UKGC released this public statement. In fact, Neil McArthur, chief executive of the UKGC took the mic and said. “This business plan highlights the projects and milestones we will complete during 2019-20. Also, the focus area will help us as we move into the second year of our strategy for 2018-2021.”

But he also pointed out that the end goal is still to transform gambling into a sustainable affair and a safe one too. In addition to the set plan. The UKGC will further explore the concerns regarding the use of credit cards and places where people gamble. Now, this might prove to be a tricky balance to find. As there are still two sides to take into consideration. First, the consumer’s enjoyment and second, the potential risk gambling could present.

It’s everyone responisibility

Although the ultimate responsible gambling tools are, already in the players’ hands, one needs to acknowledge a problem to solve it. And surely players’ education on that front will help the UKGC to achieve its goal. Because as you know, players can apply limitations to their casino sessions. But not all problem gambler uses the tools.

But the truth is, the core responsibility of accepting wagers from potential problem gamblers still lays with the operators. And online casino operators can’t always detect problem gamblers early enough. The multiple mobile products and gambling accessibility sure present their challenges. But one can hope that the guidelines set by the regulator will be obsolete and effective once the 4 years’ plan is over. Time will tell…