UK puts a stop to underage gambling adds

The UK’s attempt to regulate and protect the population from gambling means that another measure finds its permanent place in the UKGC’s guidelines.

Indeed, starting from April 2019, companies who offer any gambling have new rules to comply with when it comes to their marketing. And of course, it’s not a big surprise since the watchdog has a three-year plan in motion to protect customers. But in this instance, it’s the Committee of Advertising Practices (CAP) and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that put their foot down and triggered the change.UKGC

ASA’s and CAP simple rules

On first glance, the new rules sound simple! However, with all the communication channel available to users, they can be hard to enforce. Now, the new regulations give a general indication of what to comply with.

First, an underage person should not see any gambling ads on any website or games he or she might use. Second, celebrities endorsing products or gambling related sites is a thing of the past. And finally, any person related to gambling ads need to have the appearance of being over the age of 25.

All and all, it looks and sounds simple, but what will the reality look like?

The curious will find

So, let’s get one thing straight. There is never going to be a foolproof plan when it comes to underage exposure to gambling. The truth is, curiosity is a trade of the next generation! Which means that parents who do not wish for their children to see any gambling ads should use parental control software.

For now, the only thing the companies can do is to enforce guidelines. But in the end, the information is there for those who seek it.

However, it seems that the watchdogs are making a lot of progress nowadays! Indeed, according to a recent report, the youth is seeing around 37% fewer ads relating to casino now compared to a couple of years ago. So, the long hours and hard work is paying off!