UK Labour Party calls for a new gambling ombudsman

As if the current safety measure for British casino players were not enough. The Labour party wants to add more. In fact, they hope for an ombudsman to supervise the gambling activities. Although nothing is certain at this point as they first need to win the election. However, Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson made some strong and bold statements regarding the online gaming sector. And according to sources, if they took power, they would end unclear terms and conditions, and improve transparency. Plus, they’d better the overall framework for the sector.UKGC UK Labour Party calls for a new gambling ombudsman

Watson demands changes

According to Watson, the current policies are not adequate to protect the public. The labour party leader believes the current system still leaves room for “dirty deals.” He believes that some operators have essentially issued gag orders to players after settling differences in the backroom. And that these unheard of deals aimed to avoid the involvement of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Now, how the ombudsman would work and improve customer protection is still unclear. But Watson would like to see it interweave into the UKGC and National Health Service (NHS).

What’s new?

On top of the above improvements, Watson would like to see further changes. In fact, should he be elected he hopes for a ban on gambling advertising and sponsorship. Plus, he wants to put compulsory funding to problem gambling for license holders. What’s more, is that Watson also hopes for a complete ban on credit cards when topping up an online casino account.

But in all fairness, it kind of sounds like things we’ve already heard. And if we follow the news, we’ll already know that some proposals have already been put forward. Now it could be that Watson has a new initiative that he’ll dig further into once elected. But at this point, it’s all talk, at least until the general elections are over.