There’s No Stopping Evolution Gaming

It’s true; it’s not an easy time for online gambling companies, with new and tougher regulations coming up all the time. However, for Evolution Gaming, this seems to be no problem at all. Instead of faltering, the company appears to be thriving.

Evolution, which is one of the biggest and best Live casino game developers, has seen huge growth in the last year. In fact, it boasted an increase in the first quarter of 54%, to £69.72 million from £49.32 million. Also, in the second quarter, it reported a 45% rise year on year, up to £75.33 million. What’s more, is that the company’s profits in the first quarter rose from £14.5 million to £25.14 million.

Why Such Growth?Evelution Gaming, There’s No Stopping Evolution Gaming

Obviously, the huge profit margin leads to the question, why? Well, this is no accident or luck. Evolution Gaming has been growing steadily throughout 2018. Plus, they’ve invented new games technology.

But apparently, there’s a new trend in the industry as well. Some say that players are starting to drift away from the classic online casino games towards the live casinos. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by online casino operators either. It used to be that only a few offered live casino. Now, it seems any good casino worth their salt has an impressive live casino offering to compete.

The Popularity of Live Casinos

Nowadays, people prefer live casinos for many reasons. The biggest draw is the live dealer. When dealing with a real human being and seeing them in person, it seems more authentic, real and fair. Not only can players bet in real-time, but they can chat with a real person while it’s happening. Also, they get to see the new deck of cards added to the shoe. It just makes the whole game seem more real and more trustworthy.

In the next month and year, Evolution will be evolving, with new games in more languages to get an even bigger audience. So, it looks as though this is a trend that will continue.