The UK Parliamentary Group Takes a Swing at the UKGC

The UK Parliamentary Group (UKPG) has created a report recently taken a swing at the UKGC for its current rules and regulations. In fact, they believe that they are not taking enough steps to prevent harm to gamblers. The first issue they brought to light was the maximum players can wager per spin at an online casino.

As you know, many operators allow players to bet £50+ on one single spin when using non-bonus funds. However, the UKPG has stated that it believes that this should be brought into line with the limit on offline fixed-odds betting terminals, which is currently £2 per spin max. They also stated that there should be a ban on using credit cards to fund your betting account. This would give banks more control as they could restrict funds and check affordability.

The UK Parliamentary Group Takes a Swing at the UKGC

Making Changes

However, the UKPG didn’t stop there. As well as this, they also criticize the fact that there are so many betting sites that sponsor sports teams and leagues. Plus, they have stated that there should be no digital advertising around sports pitches and arenas. However, they pointed out that broadcasters also need to step up.

According to them, they should not be giving betting sites so much airtime. Another area they’ve brought up was the number of underages who’ve claimed to have made bets online and won. Plus, they believe that the UKGC hasn’t done enough to punish operators for taking advantage of vulnerable gamblers.

The UKGC Hits Back

The UKGC didn’t take the blow lying down. In fact, they reminded the UKPG that a discussion is already in progress with regards to gambling with credit cards funds. They also defended the underage gamblers. And the UKGC hinted that most played on parent accounts with their permission. So it was hard to regulate.

They have also underlined the fact that they have fined operators millions of pounds for not protecting their customers enough. Clearly, both want the best for the players and need to work together to help vulnerable players. And in the means time, online gambling operators are also working closely with the UKGC to create more awareness about responsible gambling.