Scientific Games unveil the next generation of games of chances at ICE

As the Excel Centre in London opens its doors, revolutionary ideas emerge. In fact, London ICE is the best and biggest iGaming conference in the world. So it’s no wonder tech giants are doing their best to attract the attention of operators. Perhaps, in the hope that the solution they offer will be the next big thing? And the one that’ll shake-up the game of chances industry and bring new revenue streams? But to deliver the idea that will get everyone’s knees trembling it takes not only experience, but a vision too. And Scientific Games (SG) thinks they nailed it with the release of Jackpot Wars. According to them, the game proposes a gameplay which is the new era of gambling.Scientific Games unveil the next generation of games of chances at ICE

An RPG of chance?

On first glance, Jackpot Wars look a lot like a slot where gamblers take on the role of a fictional character to win real money prizes. To sum up, the action of this game takes place in an arena where players are invited to pick a robot and load it up with unique trade. Jackpot Wars also invites players to “choose their weapon wisely” as it is key to defeat their opponent in a head to head battle.

Online trendsetting the stage for the new generation of gamblers

Essentially, Jackpot Wars banks on the popular phenomenon of Robot Combat to entertain. But the best of all is that victory comes with not only pride but also “achievable jackpots” too. So it seems that in this game, players will wager on upgrades to get the best possible robot and win. And this, as opposed to betting on paylines to collect cash after a game round. Undeniably, gambling expert cannot help but to make a parallel between Jackpot Wars and Max Quest Wrath of Ra by Betsoft. Granted that Max Quest didn’t entice as many gamblers as we initially thought it would. Maybe the concept of buying bullets was too farfetched for some. But maybe Scientific Games has the solution to engage the next generation of gamblers? If not, tech-savvy players will sure give it a try. So stay tune to read our slot review, Jackpot Wars is going live imminently.