Rebecca Pow Oversees UK Gambling

Boris Johnson coming to power has seen a fair bit of reorganisation in the cabinet. In fact, it’s fair to say that there has been a lot of upheaval in the government. However, on the back of this reshuffle, the new PM has given Rebecca Pow the responsibility of overseeing the UK’s horse racing and gambling sectors. This will be under the guidance of Nigel Adams, the current Sports Minister. Pow’s new title is the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Arts, Heritage, and Tourism at the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sports. Meanwhile, the former Sports Minister, Mims Davies, will transfer to the Department for Works and Pensions.

An Exciting New Role

Clearly, this is an exciting move for Ms Pow. She is delighted with her new job title. In fact, she has specifically stated that she sees this as an important sector in the UK. “The heritage and cultural sector are hugely important for the UK both domestically, but also on the world stage.” Indeed, she believes that there is still a lot of scopes to develop these areas. Obviously, there’s Brexit which needs consideration. With the deadline looming, the UK making its mark in these areas is even more important than ever.

Staying True to Her Roots The British  horse racing Rebecca Pow Oversees UK Gambling

Despite this recognition and new role, Pow has stated that she will stay true to her MP roots. Her main priority will still be representing her constituency of Taunton Deane. The people of Taunton Deane first elected Rebecca as MP of Taunton Deane back in 2015. Cameron was still Prime Minister. Although she may be new to the gambling sector, she is no stranger to horse racing, with her involvement in Taunton Racecourse. However, her new role will see her grow this knowledge more to online gambling and lotteries.